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FIT Keep thick

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Advanced protection hair & scalp serum stimulates new growth, improves scalp health & reduces hair loss. Nourishing marine extracts thicken & strengthen hair and hair follicles. Collagen prevents hair loss and OXY-FIT-10 fuels skin cell regeneration. 


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Hair growth in men depends on physiological factors such as age, diet and the amount of stress suffered. Physical factors like repeated washing, extreme changes in humidity and environmental aggressors like pollution can also have an effect. The result of all these aggressors combined can be damage, irregular growth and even hair loss.

Keep Thick uses a blend of active ingredients including two specific marine extracts laminaria digitata and pelvetia canaliculata. Together they strengthen and thicken hair, stimulate new growth, regulate sebum (oil) and revitalise the scalp.

Laboratory tests were conducted on volunteers suffering chronic hair loss where the marine extracts were applied to the scalp twice a day for two months.

At the end of the test the group showed an increase in hair growth up buy up to 27% and in hair density up by up to 10%.

Active Ingredients
Marine extract - Laminaria digitata – Thickens and stimulates new growth.
Marine extract - Pelvetia canaliculata – Strengthens hair.
Collagen – Reduces hair loss.
OXY-FIT-10 - Oxygen delivery system - Fuels skin cell regeneration.

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Apply to clean damp hair.
Use before sleep, after workout, sport or shower.

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