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Dr. Jackson's 05 Face and eye essence 50ml

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A refreshing and toning gel for the face and around the eyes


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Looking to get rid of puffy eyes, sagging skin, dark circles, and a dull-looking appearance? Our 05 Face and Eye Essence will return the skin to its maximum best. Whether you're undergoing an intense workout session, jet lag, a rough night of sleep, or overexposure, this gel toner is going to refresh and firm up your skin.

Its naturally derived ingredients are Vitamin C-rich and nurture, tighten, and brighten eye bag areas to remove them. They give glowing skin and save thirsty skin cells. This light and soothing product filled with aromatic botanical ingredients make the application process a refreshing experience before the nutrients get absorbed.

Its quick absorption makes it perfect to be layered underneath other products. It can be used on the face to even out the skin tone between purifying and moisturizing, or on selected areas in need of enhancement. For oily or combination skin and humid climates, you can use the 05 alone as it breathes and mattes.
Customer testimonials and various clinical trials have shown that it calms and hydrates the skin of people prone to eczema or other skin problems.

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