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Dr. Jackson's 06 Body Perfecting Gel 200ml

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An all-over moisturizing gel, ideal for an active lifestyle


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Dr. Jacksons Body Perfecting Gel 06 200ml


Most celebrity and lifestyle magazines said that you should use a routine of dry-brushing and piling on post-shower body lotions. How many people have the time to do this? Our 06 Body Perfecting Gel is a full body moisturizer that is full of antioxidants that revive, hydrate, and smoothen the skin in one application with no additional tools.

This product is instantly absorbed and leaves no residue on the skin; that means you don't have to wait before you get dressed. Its natural ingredients contained in 06 firms and tighten the skin and stimulate the fixing and renewal of scars, cellulite, and stretch marks.

This is perfect for those who live a busy life; gently massage into the skin post-yoga or post-workout to let muscles recover and improve the skin's feel. Unlike most heavily scented body creams, the fragrance of patchouli is a soft base for enhancing your cologne or perfume.

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