Dr. Jackson's 07 Face wash 200ml


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An uplifting, gentle foaming cleanser with a bright citrus scent


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Washing your face in the morning and night is a requirement in every skincare routine, but the face cleanser will need more effort. Most face washes available while removing impurities from your skin eliminate all its natural moisture. Therefore, you feel uncomfortably "tight" after using some facial cleanser. Not only does it upset your skin's natural balance, but it can also pollute rivers and oceans when wiped off.

Therefore, we created the 07 Face Wash to illuminate and condition the skin using pomegranate extract that is a natural exfoliating agent in place of microbeads. The antioxidants it contains to protect the skin from sun damage including hyperpigmentation. This mild cleanser leaves the skin feeling hydrated, purified, and new while caring for sensitive skin.
The citrus scent awakens your sense in the morning and frees your mind from worries at night.



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