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Vitaman face discovery pack

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Great gift/travel package from Vitaman

All natural skin care for men from Australia! 


-face & body cleanser 50ML
-toner 100ML
-face moisturiser 50ML 


You can send the products back within two weeks. For more information check our terms and conditions.

All aboard ! This amazing face saver trio will keep your skin feeling and looking clean and hydrated throughout your journey and beyond.  The ultimate jetlag prevention - so you will arrive looking your best.



VitaMan's plant-derived, all-over body-cleansing gel will invigorate your skin, as well as remove any excess oil.  Helps soften stubble and prepares your face for a smoother shave while the invigorating citrus aroma blend awakens your senses. Naturally anti-bacterial and pH balanced which suits all skin types.


VitaMan’s oil and alcohol free, non-drying Toner is formulated to visibly reduce excess oil on your skin’s surface leaving it instantly fresh and healthy.  Antioxidant-enriched, our pH balanced clarifying toner will refine and calm your skin.


VitaMan’s non-greasy, fragrance-free Moisturiser delivers essential hydrating plant ingredients with a perfect matte finish. It’s quickly absorbed and suits all skin types – it’s pure hydration which every skin needs. This concentrated natural, skin-quenching crème improves dry, sun-damaged skin and minimises fine lines around eyes and forehead, leaving your skin smoother, softer and healthier looking.

Travel approved sized products packaged in a VitaMan gift box.

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